Capital: Montevideo

Local currency: Peso uruguayo (UYU)

The second smallest country in Latin America is the ideal destination to discover for yourself. Without too much tourism, this region, surrounded by Argentina and Brazil, is full of places to have fun. From its capital, Montevideo, on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, the widest river in the world, inside, where gauchos walk in their traditional costumes, have a cup of coffee at Café Brasileiro, a place located in the past. Visit the Linardi and Risso libraries.

Stroll through the cobbled streets of the Colonia Sacramento at nightfall and enjoy the special atmosphere of its restaurants with their terraces, the sound of background music and the brilliance of streetlights. You can also visit the exclusive Punta del Este, an entertaining destination just two hours from Montevideo.

In addition, to practice water sports and experience real nightlife, you can sail to Lobos Island to see sea lions in their natural habitat or go to Punta Ballena to see the huge whales that give it its name.

If surfing is your thing, nothing beats travelling to Punta del Diablo, where, in addition to the waves, you will find an authentic fishing town inhabited by craftsmen. You can also visit the Santa Teresa National Park, where the colonial fortress of the same name is located, surrounded by wonderful natural views.

And remember, even in the unfortunate case where Uruguay seems small to you, Buenos Aires is right in front of the Rio de la Plata where you can get to know southern Brazil.

The charm of Spanish:

Uruguay’s Spanish is very similar to that of Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina. The dialect ‘Rioplatense’ is characterized by the use of the pronoun’vos’ instead of’tú’, with its own verbal conjugation in the present (‘sos’ instead of’eres’,’tenés’ instead of ‘tienes’, etc).

This is the most distinctive grammatical characteristic of the Spanish “Rioplatense” compared to that spoken in Spain and Latin America.

What do you like most about this country?

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