Capital: San Juan

Currency: American Dollar

Manatí, Puerto Rico

For many reasons Puerto Rico is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. A jewel in the middle of the Caribbean full of unsurpassed beauties.

Puerto Rico is officially: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It is one of the fourteen unincorporated territories and one of the two free associated states with self-government status of the United States of America.

With more than 434 kilometers of coastline, its beaches are perfect for relaxing or enjoying water sports such as cavern and cave diving, snorkeling, surfing or sailing. And with its sunny climate, every day is a beach day in Puerto Rico. On Culebra Island, travelers can enjoy the soft sand and turquoise water of the world’s second most beautiful beach, Playa Flamenco.

Puerto Rico has all the attributes to make its travelers fall in love, thanks to its contrasts that gives it a privileged nature: mountainous areas, dry and rain forests, bioluminescent bays (the production of light from certain living organisms, restaurants by the sea, resorts, shops for all tastes, beaches, and above all the only scenario that allows you to live the magic of being in the past such as Old San Juan.

The charm of the Spanish of Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rican Spanish is a mixture of English, Caribbean accent and indigenous and African influences. This variety of the Spanish language is spoken in Puerto Rico and by millions of people of Puerto Rican descent living in the United States and other countries.

  • Boricua: Puerto Rican
  • Brutal: Something or someone who likes a lot or did something great
  • Habichuela: In Spain it is known as alubias, judías and in Latin America as frijol.
  • Ni fu ni fa: When you can’t decide
  • ”Te llamo pa’tras”: instead of ‘te devuelvo la llamada to say ‘I’m calling you back’.

What do you like most about this country?

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