Capital: Asunción

Local currency: Guaraní (PYG)

Asunción, Paraguay

Paraguay is an exotic country, even for South Americans, looking for authentic destinations, fleeing the crowd and enjoying being a little bit of a discoverer? In Paraguay, many tourist attractions are rarely visited, especially during the week.

It is said that the Missions of Paraguay are the World Heritage with the fewest visitors in the world. During the week, strolling through these imposing Jesuit ruins is a real pleasure that accompanies the sound of the wind and the vastness of the landscape.

In addition, in Paraguay, you will find spectacular waterfalls, salt lagoons populated by pink flamingos in the middle of the desert, artisanal communities lost in the mountains, giant river dunes… You will feel a little Indiana Jones if you like exploring nature and the historical and archaeological remains of Paraguay.

The charm of Spanish:

Paraguay is a country of diversity: natural, and culinary, and its expressions reflect it, here are some expressions:

  • Mataburro : c’est un dictionnaire
  • Ñoño : désigne une grande bouteille de bière.
  • Al taca: paiement comptant
  • Tavy : ignorant
  • Bolaterapia : un sac de mensonges

What do you like most about this country?

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