Capital: Panama

Local currency: Dólar estadounidense (USD)

For those coming from the south, Panama is the gateway to Central America. And although it does not have the reputation of Costa Rica or the colours of Guatemala, the country does not go unnoticed. Its marked contrast between history and modernity, its beaches, its gastronomy and an attitude of constant improvement, have placed Panama ─y mainly its city capital─ in the list of trips not to be missed.

As for his musical style, salsa and merengue are typical of Panama. On the other hand, from the national cuisine, the Panamanian Sancocho stands out as national. If you are looking for a beach and pool environment, the best time of year to visit Panama for hot activities is from late December to late March.

The charm of Spanish:

Panama is a country of diversity: ecological, social and culinary, and its expressions reflect it, here are some expressions:

  • Fren/es es: Derived from the word “friend” in English. Pronunciation: Fren.
  • Yeyé: Stereotype of a person of high social status, who dresses and behaves in a fine and elegant way. Pronunciation: Ye-yé.
  • Qué Ponchera: An uninhabited situation that draws attention to the unexpected. Pronunciation: Que pon-chéra.
  • Palos: Synonymous with “dollars”. Pronunciation: Pá-los.

What do you like most about this country?

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