Capital: Managua

Local currency: Córdoba (NIO)

Nicaragua shares borders with Honduras and Costa Rica. It is bordered to the north by the Caribbean Sea and to the south by the Pacific Ocean. This country between sea and mountains has long been under the yoke of dictatorship. Between the warm welcome of the population, the joyful and colourful architecture and the exceptional natural reserves, it is not necessary to look for other reasons to go to Nicaragua.

In terms of musical style, La Punta is a type of popular music that comes from the Garifuna community (an Afro-descendant people of the Caribbean islands). In terms of gastronomy, Nacatamal is Nicaragua’s most traditional dish, a corn dough with pork or chicken, potatoes, rice, onions, garlic and tomatoes.

The charm of Spanish:

In Nicaragua, affective abbreviations have a particular characteristic that may have escaped observation. Let’s try to find out in the following list which contains the most frequently used abbreviations in the country:

Emotional abbreviations of male names:

  • Beto-Gilberto
  • Chabelo-Isabel
  • Chago-Santiago
  • Chale-Carlos
  • Chalo-Gonzalo
  • Chano-Luciano
  • Chayo-Rosario
  • Chebo-Eusebio
  • Chema-José María
  • Chendo-Rosendo
  • Chente-Vicente
  • Chepe-José

What do you like most about this country?

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