Capital: Quito

Local currency: Dólar estadounidense (USD)

Chimborazo, Ecuador

Despite its more than thirty volcanoes, steel mines, picturesque markets and beautiful colonial architecture, Ecuador remains a great unknown to most tourists, making it the ideal place for those seeking to learn Spanish in the authenticity of Latin America. Studying Spanish at our school in Quito will allow you to discover many of the wonders of Latin America: the countless mountains, the Amazon jungle, the Galapagos Islands and the Pacific coast, in addition to enjoying a city, Quito, with a perfectly preserved historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978, an interesting cultural and artistic life and where you can enjoy an excellent quality of life, since Ecuador has been elected the best country in the world for expatriates. Come and see for yourself!

The charm of Spanish:

Without a doubt, Ecuador offers some wonderful things. The most important thing of all: his people. They are respectful, joyful and close people. In a beautiful country that has a lot to offer. Their expressions could not be ignored.

Ecuadorians have their own expressions and vocabulary, which gives them a rich and characteristic discourse. Here are some of the features we like:

  • ‘Dame haciendo / dame pasando / dame trayendo’: This expression is mainly typical of the Sierra region of Ecuador. The verb dar is used, followed by gerund to ask for something in a more respectful way. Instead of saying “Give me the keys”, you say “Give me the keys”.
  • No sea malito…’: Like the previous one, it is typical of the saw. It is equivalent for the please add more kindness to the sentence. “Give me the keys, don’t be mean.”
  • Chulla vida: The word chulla comes from the indigenous Quechua language, which means “one” or “odd”. So, by saying that, we remember how short life is and that we only live once: “This year, I’m going on vacation for two weeks, chulla vida!

What do you like most about this country?

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