Capital: La Habana

Local currency: Peso cubano (CUC)

La Habana, Cuba

Cuba is known for its vibrant and spectacular culture, music and art, colourful and picturesque architecture, impressive beaches, classic cars, intense cigars, delicious cuisine, oak-aged rum, varied landscapes and vibrant cities. In Cuba, music is omnipresent, from the soft sounds of street musicians to the spectacular rhythm of jazz and salsa floating in local bars and clubs.

Cuba is home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it is well known that many people fall in love with these places, including, of course, old Havana. Visit this historic city and you will be transported back in time before the construction of extravagant hotels and tourist sites.

Take a ride in one of his famous 1950s cars. Cubans proudly restore these jewels in mechanical craftsmanship. Buy one of Havana’s famous cigars in a gift shop or enjoy a cold drink made with the famous Cuban rum in one of its traditional bars. Or relax on one of the 300 incredible white sandy and clear water beaches. Enjoy its ancient charm and the benefits of cultural immersion while enriching your language, body and soul.

The charm of Cuban Spanish:

Below, and as a reflection of all the influences that make up Cuban Spanish as we know it today, some interesting “cubanisms” are indicated:

  • Ambia = friend, trusted person
  • Bala = the cigarette
  • Cardboard = mouth, dental prosthesis
  • Durañón = miser
  • Fachar = to steal
  • Grillo = unattractive woman

What do you like most about this country?

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