Capital: San José

Local currency: Colón costarricense (CRC)

Costa Rica really represents what its name says, with nearly 300 hot water beaches to enjoy all year round. Costa Rica is an idyllic destination with some of the best beaches in the world, from quiet turquoise coasts to black sandy beaches where the waves are buzzing. It is a country where you will find the best surfing, and its warm climate all year round is perfect for all those who want to practice Spanish tanning. This Central American country is also famous for its enormous variety of flora and fauna, which inhabits its vast national parks. In fact, more than 25% of Costa Rica’s territory is protected by its system of national parks and reserves. These are the perfect places for those interested in enjoying nature and participating in activities ranging from watching nesting turtles to participating in excursions through its impressive jungle.

In addition to its beaches and parks, the great hospitality of its inhabitants – known as “ticos” – is one of Costa Rica’s attractions. With incomparable sympathy and spontaneity, they honour the nation’s unofficial motto: “pura vida”.

Costa Rica’s vibrant cities are bursting with sympathy and optimism from San Jose, the country’s capital and cultural centre, to Limón, a colourful city with a Caribbean flavour. Let Costa Rica enrich you with its language and culture.

The charm of Costa Rican Spanish:

Some of the expressions specific to Costa Rica are. :

  • Pura Vida = expression used as a greeting or even as a thank you.
  • Tuanis = used or simply used to show enthusiasm or admiration
  • Mae = refer to friends or anyone in general
  • “Que guava” = what luck!
  • Ahi los vidrios = a way of saying “there I see them”.
  • Amarrar al perro = not to pay a debt
  • Freno de mano = someone’s partner
  • La señora de los fresco = The rain
  • El blanco= a cigarette

What do you like most about this country?

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