Capital: Santiago

Local currency: Peso chileno

Chile is a unique and impressive country: in addition to its distinctive shape – a narrow strip of land more than 4,500 kilometers long by only 200 kilometers wide – it stands out for its spectacular landscapes, which range from the high peaks and vast glaciers of Patagonia to the Atacama Desert.

Isla de Pascua, Chile

Since the country is flanked by the Andes on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, you’ll have the chance to ski and surf on the same day. The country is one of the most prosperous on the South American continent and has cities that remind us of European cities.

Santiago is a contemporary and modern city that preserves its colonial architecture, with dramatic Andean peaks in the background. Its skyscrapers and wide avenues stand out, but also bohemian neighborhoods full of urban art and charming restaurants, such as Bellavista, where you can mingle with its inhabitants. 

 Chile is a country of fabulous landscapes, with a rich culture and infinite adventures to live. Raft and kayak in some of the world’s wildest waters, walk ancient trails, climb volcanoes or just relax and taste one of Chile’s great wines. Discover everything Chile has for you and live an unforgettable Spanish immersion experience.

The charm of Chilean Spanish:

If you have already come to Chile for a walk or if you have spoken to a Chilean, you know that his Spanish is a little bit difficult to understand.

Faced with this type of colourful Spanish, it is important to know the customs, the discursive context, the wide lexical variation and the differences in syntax and grammar..

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