Venezuela is a wonderful country, with the most diverse and beautiful places and destinations, ranging from unexplored forests to snow-covered peaks, from immense plains to white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters; with exuberant fauna and a wide variety of flora; warm and joyful people ready to receive the best attention from any tourist. This Read more about VENEZUELA[…]


Paraguay is an exotic country, even for South Americans, looking for authentic destinations, fleeing the crowd and enjoying being a little bit of a discoverer? In Paraguay, many tourist attractions are rarely visited, especially during the week. It is said that the Missions of Paraguay are the World Heritage with the fewest visitors in the Read more about PARAGUAY[…]


For those coming from the south, Panama is the gateway to Central America. And although it does not have the reputation of Costa Rica or the colours of Guatemala, the country does not go unnoticed. Its marked contrast between history and modernity, its beaches, its gastronomy and an attitude of constant improvement, have placed Panama Read more about PANAMÁ[…]


Nicaragua shares borders with Honduras and Costa Rica. It is bordered to the north by the Caribbean Sea and to the south by the Pacific Ocean. This country between sea and mountains has long been under the yoke of dictatorship. Between the warm welcome of the population, the joyful and colourful architecture and the exceptional Read more about NICARAGUA[…]


Discovering Mexico is a true and unforgettable adventure. Testify to its living history by visiting breathtaking archaeological sites, cross the plateau and enjoy the incredible diversity and wilderness of Mexico. Travel to Mexico DF – the third largest city in the world – and discover its great contrasts, such as its majestic colonial buildings, next Read more about MEXICO[…]


Honduras is an increasingly popular destination! Tourism is gradually developing, but it is still far from the tourist figures of countries such as Costa Rica, for example. Therefore, Honduras is a destination that has many places, except for those of greatest interest, such as Copán, where you can hardly cross with other tourists. It is Read more about HONDURAS[…]


Guatemala is an incredible blend of ancient history, impressive volcanic landscapes and exuberant nature. Home to some of the most important ruins of civilization, Guatemala dazzles millions of visitors each year with its heritage. Geologically, the country is one of the most active in the Central American region, with some of the highest and most Read more about GUATEMALA[…]


El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America, has, like most countries in the Americas, Spanish as its official language. However, Salvadorian Spanish as we know it today also has an important linguistic influence on the indigenous languages that existed in the region before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers in the 16th century. Salvadorian Read more about EL SALVADOR[…]


Despite its more than thirty volcanoes, steel mines, picturesque markets and beautiful colonial architecture, Ecuador remains a great unknown to most tourists, making it the ideal place for those seeking to learn Spanish in the authenticity of Latin America. Studying Spanish at our school in Quito will allow you to discover many of the wonders Read more about ECUADOR[…]


Cuba is known for its vibrant and spectacular culture, music and art, colourful and picturesque architecture, impressive beaches, classic cars, intense cigars, delicious cuisine, oak-aged rum, varied landscapes and vibrant cities. In Cuba, music is omnipresent, from the soft sounds of street musicians to the spectacular rhythm of jazz and salsa floating in local bars Read more about CUBA[…]