Capital: La paz

Local currency: Bolivianos (BOB)

Isla del Sol, Bolivia

Bolivia is one of only two countries in the interior of South America, a place with an incredible geographical diversity divided into three areas: the Andean highlands, the valleys and the Santa Cruz region. Each of them has its own unique characteristics and a huge number of interesting sites. Enjoy the excitement of the city of La Paz, capital of Bolivia and the highest city in the world. It is full of museums, modern and comfortable hotels and a lively nightlife. Other important cities are Sucre, located in an Andean valley, a quiet city with a rich culture that has preserved much of its colonial architecture, and Cochabamba, known as the “garden city” and famous for its folklore and fine wines.

If you prefer to escape the noise and enter nature, Bolivia has some of the most impressive places in the world. The famous Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt works (and the meeting place of heaven and earth) has an area of 10,582 km² and is simply spectacular. Enjoy Bolivian nature in the Amazon basin, where you can take incredible boat rides. Lake Titicaca is also a very popular destination, due to its natural beauty and its links with the Inca civilization.

Bolivia is a real treasure trove full of fascinating places and unique sites. From the natural grandeur of its vast lands to its deep indigenous roots, Bolivia is proud of its picturesque beauty and multiculturalism, let yourself be inspired by Bolivia as you learn Spanish!

The charm of Bolivian Spanish:

The Spanish language in Bolivia differs from region to region. The different accents and idioms are shared with dialects from neighbouring regions in other countries. Here you will find some words that are worth knowing:

  • Cholitas: Aymara and Quechua Indians from Bolivia, generally dressed in brightly coloured skirts to the ankles, petticoats, embroidered shawls, low shoes, green or black sweaters, earrings and braids to the waist.
  • Alasitas: the Feria de las Alasitas takes place for a month in La Paz and the idea is that if you buy the miniature version of your dream, throughout the year, it will become reality.
  • Sorochi: or mountain sickness. Like the one you feel in Potosí, a city built at an altitude of more than 4000 metres.

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