Capital city: Buenos Aires

Local Currency: $ Argentine peso

Patagonia, Argentina

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and offers extensive landscapes with the most varied ecosystems in the world. Argentina is extraordinarily rich in culture, which in many respects is heavily influenced by European culture.

If you are looking to study Spanish in America in a cosmopolitan, exciting metropolis with a great nightlife and an impressive cultural scene, Buenos Aires is a great choice.

Enjoy all the charm, the culture of old Europe along with the warmth and passion of America. Experience the color and art of the neighborhood of La Boca, try San Telmo for the Tango, visit the Palermo park and the most exclusive shops and restaurants in Recoleta.

Eat the best empanadas you’ve ever tasted or famous Argentine beef at any of the city’s incredible grills. Meet the porteños, peculiar, diverse inhabitants of a cosmopolitan city that will offer you a truly international way to learn Spanish.

The charm of Argentine Spanish:

The Argentine accent is simple and easy to imitate, you have just time and practice. Use the following basic terms:

  • Che” or “vos” means you.
  • “Piola” means cool.
  • “chabón”, referring to a man
  • “mina” to a woman
  • In addition to the massive use of the prefixe “re” : For example : relindo, rebueno, retonto, etc.  

Keep in mind that the Argentine accent looks like Italian.

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